We provide a wide range of Smart Admission Solution

Easy-to-managed and fully automated set-up software helps to increase admission efficiency  and minimises human errors.


A lot of Educators are afraid to implement a students admission software due to expensive and time-consuming software set-up! Below we provide most famous contemporary educators’ problems and smart solution of Q24 Team!

outdated tools

70% of educators still use outdated tools 
to manage recruitment: excel, docs, google applications, e-mails.

manually issued documents

Issuing over 3000 documents during one intake, there are usually plenty of mistakes 
in acceptance letters, visa invitations, agreements etc.

deficient data collection

Educators loose too much time on creating inefficient annual reports, which are missing information and real insights for future.

lack of partner 
management system

The majority of educators do not have a CRM to manage partners (students recruitment agents) agreements, commissions, etc.


up-to-date online platform

The whole admission process is in one place at Q24. E-admission managed and monitored by educators, agents and candidates.

automatically generated documents

Q24 automatically generates any admission document by one click. Saves plenty of time and work for educator, prevents mistakes/typos.

efficient data collection

Advanced data analytics and reporting tools to understand current trends and set strategies for future.

advanced partner 
management system

Monitor cooperation with current partners and easily add new ones. Find most efficient agents, calculate commissions, review agreements, etc.

Our Customers

Based on users opinions, Q24 has friendly and easy-to-use interface.